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Digital Marketing, But First, What’s the Entire Picture?

You know you need a website and you ought to be using Social Media Marketing. Why not just take the plunge? It can’t be that hard, can it? Just build it yourself; people will come. Sorry, not quite.

You’ve heard it before and it goes without saying; Start at the Beginning. Create a plan. Alignment is a core consideration when developing a blueprint. Ensure it’s in sync with other key elements:

  • Company Vision
  • Strategy and Branding
  • Business, Sales and Marketing Goals
  • Above all – your customer

It’s important to understand your market, competitors and associated industry trending. Knowing what the current and potential future landscape consists of and laying out a plan to navigate the terrain will go a long way to ensuring your success. Part of this getting the “lay of the land” entails having a good understanding of your competition and in turn solidifying your Unique Value Proposition.

Do your Marketing and Sales associates and related plans embrace aligned marketing initiatives?

Are they taking advantage of the latest marketing developments?

Do you have the systems and processes to support your business development initiatives?

How is your overall environment supporting your customers and working towards growing your customer base?

Do you know who your ideal customer or prospect is?

It’s more about the questions than the answers as you solidify your growth plans.

There are many places to start. One effective plan of attack is to commence with documenting the ideal Buyer Persona for your company. It is important your Company Persona is in alignment with your ideal Buyer Persona. Once you have Personas where you want them, proceed with evaluating all customer facing areas of your business. For example, receptionist, phone system, various forms of advertising, sales support and CRM systems, marketing, accounting, inventory management systems and more. Now, compare your customer facing entities with your Buyer Persona and make sure you have alignment, not to mention the “same look, touch and feel”. During your evaluation, you will also need to determine if you have the right resources allocated.

Now you know your customer, it’s time to leverage the Buyer Persona to develop plans for:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing

In turn each of these plans will include appropriate customer communications for each stage of their purchasing journey including how, where and when you will engage them. Your brand’s voice and messaging will permeate your plans and continuously take into consideration what your competition is doing and how your Unique Value Proposition needs to stand out. And of course, you need to keep Search Engine Optimization top of mind every step of the way, throughout all of your chosen web properties.

When it’s all said and done (it’s never done!), make sure you’ve laid out goals, metrics and use all the tools available to constantly monitor your environment, industry trends and your competitors.


Remember, Digital Marketing is but one piece of your business’ success and Business Transformation journey.

It’s not impossible but rather just needs planning and dedicated effort.

Article Submitted by Kawartha Chamber Member & Guest Blogger:

Peter Thomas, WSI Business Transformations
266 Charlotte Street, Suite #408, Peterborough


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