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Guest Blog: Cardio vs. Weights

Jodie Mulder Your Body YouOne of the most frequent questions I get asked is which do you prefer – cardio or weights?

It isn’t a simple answer. There are many studies supporting both sides.

When I plan my workouts for myself and others, I base it on ability first and injury potential.  I find that my clients have the best successes when they do a little of both. 

Every single person’s body is made up with a different combination of Fast Twitch and Slow Twitch muscles.  This is testable but it is a very expensive test and in the long run it is easier to just play with workouts for a little while and you will figure out pretty quickly what your body responds to best!

Then there is the debate of whether you should use heavier weights or lighter weights.  Again, if there are no injury potential I like to combine both.

I find that the body does its best work when it is confused! If you do the same workout every single day for longer than 5 weeks, you will see very little results moving forward. If you switch things up frequently it keeps your body guessing and builds muscle (thus burning more fat) most quickly.

With cardio I like to give quick bursts of challenge.  For example, if you are running along the same tempo for 15 minutes-1 hour then you may be able to keep that up for a long time but you will likely not see a huge difference in the health of your heart nor the amount of fat you burn.  If you run along for a little while, for example 5-15 minutes, then spend a short spurt running full out you will see yourself making terrific progress!  Not only will you lose more weight but your tempo of your long runs will increase. Your body will get stronger and leaner!

Our bodies are smart but we can outsmart them to be the very best you it can be! You just have to commit and put the work in.

Nutrition is a BIGGY too… but that is a whole other topic… stay tuned!

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