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Trent Severn Locks Continue to Open

The Trent-Severn Waterway 2017 Navigation Season will continue to open in stages. Increased precipitation created the requirement for additional time to reduce water levels and flows to a point that ensures safe boating conditions across the system.

Please see the table below for the most recent description of stations that will be open for navigation. This list is effective as of 9 am, June 2, 2017 and will be revised as updates are available until all stations are fully open. All other lock stations will be open to land-based visitation but closed to boat traffic.

TSW June 2nd

This staged opening of the Waterway will most importantly protect boater safety, and help to prevent further shoreline erosion and property damage experienced by local residents and businesses.

Boaters should be aware that while some lock stations are operating, water levels and flows remain very high and intermittent closures may be required in the future to protect boater safety. All efforts will be made to alert boaters of any unforeseen closures or delays due to weather conditions. Updates will be provided regularly and communicated widely.

All visitors are encouraged to always exercise caution around water but especially now with water flows less predictable and stable than during regular navigation season.

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Young's Point Lock on Trent Severn 2 (1)

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