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25 Years Of Literary History Celebrated In Lakefield

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The Lakefield Literary Festival will be celebrating its 25th year in July on the 12th through to the 14th.

This event has been a huge inspiration for young authors and literary enthusiast, not only in the area but nation wide, for years.

Originally started in 1995 as a celebration of the late Canadian author, Margaret Laurence, the event has grown exponentially through the years.

With hosts throughout the village of Lakefield, the festival runs for an entire weekend. It brings in authors and literary icons to hosts talks, banquets, contests, readings and more.

This festival, drawing on the rich literary history of Lakefield, encourages participants to expose their work and receive advice from seasoned professions. It highlights the main areas where many Canadian authors drew inspiration. There will be talks set up with current authors to give advice and talk about their experience as writers.

This teaming together of the past and present illuminates the strong community talent that is sometimes overlooked by the small size of our community.

The village has a unique combination of being in the middle of picturesque cottage county as well as being a small farming community. This makes the quiet little town a place where many famous literary authors such as Margaret Laurence, Catharine Parr Traill and many others come to escape the noise and commotion of everyday life and write about their time here.

There is inspiration around every corner.  This is highlighted through the Literary Festival, bringing writers into town and meeting with aspiring authors in the area.

A large draw for this festival is the Young Writers Contest that encourages and inspires youth to explore their literary passions.

The Young Writers Contest is open for high school students of all ages. They can submit their work in the categories of:

    • Prose Fiction:

    • Creative prose that could include a personal reflection, science-fiction, mystery, realistic narrative, or historical fiction.
    • Prose non-fiction:

    • A persuasive argument that could include a speech, editorial, rant, opinion piece, or personal essay.
    • Poetry:

    • Any form of poetry.

This is a great opportunity for young writers to get involved with the literary community and step outside their comfort zone.

Prizes include $200, tickets to the event where they will meet with national authors, and publishing their piece in the festivals e-book.

A list of full contest rules can be found on their website.

Ticket sales are still open for day passes to the event. There will also be free events happening throughout the festival including: children’s events, historic walks, and an authors tent.

For more information head over to their website at