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Spousal Health & Dental Coverage

How to Treat Employees Who Have Spousal Health & Dental Coverage

Many employees who have health & dental benefit coverage through a spouse often assume and tell their employers they are fully covered. Therefore they don’t require to participate in their employer’s benefit plan. Unfortunately, many employers take what they’re told as fact and this misunderstanding can cause great difficulties and grief for both employees and employers in the future.


Federal Government to Tax Employer Contributions

As you may have read in the Chamber’s January 24th NewsFlash, the Federal Government is considering taxing employer contributions paid into group benefit plans. Although they have not yet confirmed their intention to proceed with this measure, and details have yet to be disclosed, the insurance industry and advocacy groups have reason to believe it’s more than a possibility and will be announced with the Liberal’s Spring 2017 Federal Budget. (more…)

Prescription Drugs and Your Group Benefit Plan

In recent years prescription drug trend factors (inflation and pricing) have come down in Ontario and some other provinces. This is due to the implementation of generic drug price reforms that were legislated by Provincial Governments and were phased in over a 3 to 4 year period of time in several provinces. A second reason these decreases have been realized is the patent expiry of some extensively prescribed high cost drugs. One such drug was Lipitor and it is used to treat people with high levels of cholesterol. (more…)

Group Life Premiums Can Be Waived for Disabled Employees

Long Term Disability (LTD) premiums are waived by group insurance companies for  employees with a disability once they have been off work for a period of 6 months. The Life insurance premiums can be waived too after 6 months and typically are for employees with a disability who have serious health conditions.