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Enhance Your Digital Presence

My name is Nuala and I am your Service Squad Member for Peterborough, Ontario. My role is to offer support to local businesses in order to help them navigate the digital realm and improve their online presence. This blog post is intended to give inquiring business owners like yourself a few quick, simple tips and tricks to help enhance your businesses digital presence.

1.) Link your Instagram and Facebook Accounts

Since Instagram and Facebook merged awhile back, it’s now easier than ever to link your social media accounts! If you post a story on Instagram, you can now choose to have it automatically uploaded to your Facebook profile as well. This change will make your online presence cohesive across platforms without taking up more of your precious time. 

2.) Pre-schedule Your Posts

Promoting your business online can feel like a time consuming and daunting task. It seems like some businesses are putting out fun, informative posts – sometimes multiple times a day. This can be easily achieved by taking a bit of time once a week, once a month or whenever you find yourself feeling inspired. Instagram and Facebook now allow their users to schedule when they want to upload content and where they would like it posted. It’s as easy at that!

3.) Connect with Other Local Businesses 

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you know how impactful networking can be to your continued success. This is not any less true in the digital age. One of the easiest ways to do this is by re-sharing content on Instagram and Facebook via “Stories”.

Promoting other local businesses that you genuinely like is mutually beneficial – your audience gets introduced to a great service or product, and more likely than not the business that you’ve shared will give you a shout out too. Businesses helping businesses!


More Information

If you would like more information on how to improve your online presence, Digital Main Street is now offering The Digital Transformation Grant. This program gives brick and mortar businesses a $2,500 grant as well as valuable training, guidance, and support.

If you are interested in applying for the Digital Transformation Grant, please click here to sign up.


KCCT Original Blog

by Nuala Paluck, Digital Service Squad Member

The Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism strengthens business, regional recognition and pride of place by serving our members and communities. Proudly representing members in Curve Lake First Nation and the municipalities of Douro-Dummer, North Kawartha, Selwyn & Trent Lakes. Through its many varied programs, events, and activities, the Chamber advances and promotes the well-being and interests of local businesses and the communities they serve.

If you are interested in writing a guest blog for our website please connect with our Membership Coordinator at

21st Annual Awards of Excellence

On October 28, 2021 the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism (KCCT) with Host Sponsor BALL Real Estate Inc., Brokerage held the 21st Annual Awards of Excellence – virtually! With the largest number of nominations ever, some very difficult decisions had to be made by the judging panel. This speaks volumes about all the wonderful businesses, organizations and individuals in this region that throughout this difficult time have displayed excellence, perseverance and commitment. Our recipients, finalists, nominees and ALL local businesses should be so proud! 


Member Spotlight – Community Futures Peterborough

Community Futures Peterborough is October’s Member of the Month with the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism. Community Futures Peterborough is an organization that specializes in supporting and funding local entrepreneurs and small businesses, the perfect member to feature for Small Business Month! To continue on the theme of of small business month, next month we look forward to featuring the neighbour of Community Futures, Peterborough and the Kawartha’s Economic Development. Happy Small Business Month!


President’s Notes Fall 2021

As I listen to laughter and look outside, I see that the colours on the trees are beginning to change. With the joy and excitement that summer brings, the arrival of fall often brings with it a sense of peace.  I hope you have all had a busy and fruitful summer, while squeezing in a little time to relax and spend with those you love.