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Selwyn Township & The Link – Guest Blog

Choose Local! Guest Blog written by Anna Currier of Selwyn Township


The Link Bus Stop


The Link rural bus service launches May 3, 2021! The Link is a pilot project funded through the Province of Ontario’s Community Transportation Grant Program. The service will provide access to and from major hubs within Selwyn Township and Curve Lake First Nation with a connection to Peterborough Transit at Trent University. The Link will offer two different routes: Route 31: Curve Lake – Lakefield and Route 32: Bridgenorth – Ennismore. The service will operate Monday to Friday, with runs as early as 6:50 AM and as late as 11:00 PM.


Why attend a boarding school?

If your son or daughter is considering attending, or is currently enrolled in, college or university, would you say that you are “sending your child away”?

Similarly, do you feel that you are sending your child away if he or she is keen to attend an overnight summer camp or a hockey school?

Or rather, would you describe the decision to enroll or register your child for any one of these experiences as a thoughtful family discussion in which a choice was made? (more…)

Choosing a School for Your Child? Think About How You Pick a Restaurant

It is fun to consider the variety of dining options open to us or the promise of the new and exciting culinary experience that awaits us if we try that highly-rated and recommended restaurant down the street. However, many folks prefer to dine at a place they are familiar with, where they know what to expect, and where they feel most comfortable. After all, if you don’t go to that “other” restaurant down the road, you won’t even know what you’re missing! (more…)

Growing Local Business in Selwyn Township

Township of Selwyn logoWorking with Selwyn Township’s Economic Development and Business Committee, the Township is launching a Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) survey to help local businesses.  The Economic Development and Business Committee selected Retail and Service Business as the first sector to be surveyed and the other sectors in the future. (more…)

Experience Trinity College School!

How do Trinity College School students describe their experience in three words? Complete, illuminating, energetic.

TCS students appreciate that school needs to be more than just reaching their academic potential. It’s about exploring all facets of themselves and the realization of passions, talents and skills that reach far beyond the classroom walls. (more…)