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Customers… Who Needs Them?

March 23, 2021 the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism was pleased to have guest speaker Sharon Worsley, Senior Manager Chamber Success, for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. This Professional Development webinar was sponsored by Lynn Woodcroft, Sales Representative Royal LePage Frank Real Estate.

Jillian Harrington, Board President & Owner of Clearview Cottage Resort began the evening by welcoming guests and introducing them to our Zoom format. Jillian also conducted a Land Acknowledge, welcomed participants and then introduced Sharon to begin her presentation…

Customers… Who Needs Them?

Sharon Worsley, Senior Manager Chamber Success, for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce

Customers… who needs them? A rhetorical question… Everyone needs customers! Be it clients, members, donors, etc., we need people to pay for our products and services in order to operate.

How you ‘Show Up’ to your customers can make all the difference in whether they stay your customer. It is vital to examine how your business is showing up to your past, existing and prospective customers.

Sharon Worsley shared her strategies to excel in meeting the needs of your customers, clients or patients. With over 25 years in the hospitality and tourism industry, Sharon understands the importance of not just customer service but customer excellence! She breaks down her plan into 7 steps, called R7.


  1. Reinvention
  2. Re-Engage
  3. Retain
  4. Refer & Reward
  5. Replenish
  6. Relationships
  7. Rinse & Repeat

1. Reinvention

Are you doing something outdated?

Doing something just because it is what has always been done? Or what your industry typically does?

WIIFM: What’s in it for me?

  • This is what CUSTOMERS ask themselves.
  • Look to your website, brochure store, etc. for what they can get from your business.

What is your WHY?

  • What is the purpose behind your business?
  • Relate to customers.
  • Why do you do what you do?

How do you show your relevance?

Can you pivot your business?

Can you offer a new service? Change what you’re doing? Offer it in a new way?

2. Re-Engage

Your most important and MOST EXPENSIVE expense is to acquire a new customer!

Most don’t follow-up with customers, existing or past.

  • Better to know what you can improve on and work on it rather than ignoring it!

What is acquisition cost for a new customer?

  • Time going to networking event, how much time did it take to get new customer etc. (hourly rate)
  • There is a price for getting new customers.

Lifetime value of customer:

  • Determine this!

Find out why customers leave:

Keep metrics on your customers:

  • How they found you
  • What you could improve on
  • Why they like you etc.

3. Retain

Think of all the work it takes to get a new customer…

Look at what you’re offering to customers.

Take notes, ask staff, ask customers etc.

Easier to retain customers than find new ones!

Work on keeping customers with you.

4. Refer & Reward

Create ‘Raving Fans’!

Thank those that refer you!

Make sure they feel appreciated and heard.

Create a referral program:

  • More likely to refer if they will get something out of it!

You want customers to WANT and to LOOK for ways to refer new customers to you!

Reward them for their efforts.

Don’t have to spend money:

  • Partner with another company!
  • Offering test drives for customers who referred Insurance company. Win-win! Insurance company got to thank customers and it didn’t cost anything, the Car Dealership got ‘bums in seats’ and the promo!

5. Replenish

How do you onboard customers?

  • Denny’s Buy 5 meals, get 6th free!

Welcome package (benefits, personalized card, etc.)

Welcome phone call, video, social media posting, email, etc.

Periodic check ins (especially during covid)!

Offer something for multiple purchases, visits, etc.

6. Relationships

Powerful relationships help create a successful business.

Reach out to check in with people (not for sales, just as a person!)

How to maintain relationships:

Keep in touch! Email, call, stop in, send a card (handwritten is more personal), etc.

Listen to their challenges.

Don’t just talk to them about purchasing, etc.

7. Rinse & Repeat

Establish processes.

Keep doing these 7 steps!

More Tips!

Customer Excellence:

Go the extra mile!

Customer Service is the bare minimum.

  • Telling customer what isle item can be found.

Customer Excellence is going that extra step or two!

  • Taking customer to the item they are looking for and giving suggestions.

Do one thing a day to help or make a good impression on a customer! It will go a long way!

Miss the webinar or want to re-watch again? Check it out on the KCCT Youtube Page – here! 

About Sharon Worsley

Before joining the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Sharon Worsley worked for many years in the hospitality and tourism industry, where she learned the importance of providing customer excellence to stand out from the competition.

While working at an independent 4-star hotel in downtown Toronto, competing with all the big brand names, it was through providing customer excellence that this hotel was a strong competitor within the city, despite not having the benefit of a large marketing budget, like her competitors.

While at the hotel, Sharon also ran her own business development consultancy firm. She noticed that many organizations were ‘leaking opportunities’ that they often didn’t realize. As a result, she created the R7 System, which helps an organization increase business often for little or no cost.

Sharon assists business owners to ‘Wake Up’ to their current reality, ‘Shake Up’ their mindset and ‘Show Up’ in a more significant way within their business.

Professional Development Sponsored by Lynn Woodcroft, Sales Representative Royal LePage Frank Real Estate.