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Benefits Article by Brian Bulger – October 20, 2020

Out of Country/Province Emergency Medical Coverage During COVID-19

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

Business owners and employees with Extended Health Care (EHC) coverage and insured with the non-profit Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan are covered for Emergency Medical Services while traveling across Canada and around the globe with no restrictions including the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Eligible dependents including students, who incur charges for emergency medical treatment outside their province of residence, are also covered. An individual must be covered under their provincial government health plans to be eligible for coverage. Coverage for an insured and any dependents is based on the age of the certificate holder.

The Plan covers the first:

  • 180 consecutive days of a trip for certificate holders up to age 65
  • 90 consecutive days of a trip for certificate holders age 65 to 69
  • 60 consecutive days of a trip for certificate holders age 70 to 74
  • 30 consecutive days of a trip for certificate holders 75 to 80

The emergency expenses must be reasonable and customary for the area in which they are charged. This plan will pay for eligible expenses that exceed the provincial health insurance plan schedule in the insured’s home province.

Covered services include:

  • Semi private hospital room
  • Hospital medical services and supplies
  • Physicians’ services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Licensed ground or air ambulance to the nearest hospital equipped to provide the required treatment

If you have a medical emergency, you must contact Voyage Assistance immediately to receive benefits. They will help connect you to eligible services and confirm your coverage with the medical facility that is providing treatment. Their toll-free emergency numbers are located on the back of all Chambers Plan wallet cards. The Voyage Assistance Centre will also make the following services available to you and any Dependent insured under the Extended Health Care benefit of your policy.


After Hospital Convalescence I Bedside Visit

Emergency Medical Payments I Legal Assistance

Lost Luggage and Documents I Meals and Accommodation

Medical Assistance and Consultation I Medical Evaluation

Return of Deceased I Return of Dependent Children

Return of Vehicle I Telephone Interpretation Services

Trip Interruption I Urgent Messages


For more information contact:

Brian Bulger, The Life Insurance Guy
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