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Employee Wellness – A Concern For All Business Owners

Why should a business owner be interested in wellness? People who live healthy lifestyles and are happy at home and at work, get sick less, are absent less and are the most productive at work. This saves money on temporary staffing, staff turnover and benefit plan premiums. According to a related article I recently read:
  • The Canadian Economy loses over $16.6 billion every year due to absenteeism.
  • Obese Canadian employees have 77% higher drug costs and spend 35% more on health services.
  • Mental health addictions account for two-thirds of all disability claims in Canada.

For busy business owners, implementing a wellness program can seem time-consuming and expensive. The reality is launching an effective wellness program is a proactive business decision that can directly affect your bottom line.


Earlier this year a Health Risk Assessment tool was added to the Chambers Plan’s employee benefit service site, allowing Plan participants to learn about their health risks and what habits and behaviours they may be able to adjust to improve their overall health.
Employees and their dependents simply log on to and click on the Health Risk Assessment link. They can then create a profile giving them access to the assessment. The HRA is built on a predictive logic model. Elements of an individual’s profile and the way they answer certain questions will determine which questions they receive.
Upon completing the assessment they can view their results along with a report for each completed section, organized by topic, including:
  1. A risk rating ( Low, Moderate or High ).
  2. An explanation as to why they were given their risk level.
  3. Information and resources corresponding to their risk level.
  4. Action plans customized to their risk level.
Assessments can be repeated in the future, allowing participants to monitor their progress.
In addition a Wellness Manual has been added to to help firms establish a program for their organizations. By fostering a work environment that supports personal health and wellness, firms can help employees be healthier, more productive and control their benefit plan costs.