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Nexicom High Speed Fibre Internet Coming to Lakefield

Nexicom has announced it will be proceeding with the installation of a new comprehensive high-speed Fibre Optic Cable overbuild throughout the Village of Lakefield

Municipal and federal approval has been granted to allow Nexicom to commence with the immediate implementation of a high-speed Fibre Optic Cable network in Lakefield.

This next generation technology Fibre Optic Cable will provide residential homes and commercial businesses with download speeds of up one Gigabit per second, and upload speeds of 150 megabits per second, as well as quality telephone service and state of the art high definition digital television service.

Nexicom is currently in the process of completing a similar Fibre Optic overbuild throughout Bridgenorth, as Nexicom continues its Fibre Optic expansion throughout the rural communities of Peterborough County. Additional Fibre Optic overbuild projects are scheduled for the coming years, as Nexicom continues to expand its Fibre Optic footprint through the region.

“We are extremely proud to bring state-of-the-art Fibre technology to our rural customers” says Clayton Zekelman, Owner of Nexicom Inc. “We have listened to our valued customers who have long been asking for Fibre to their communities, and we are happy to provide it”.

As one of the few remaining independent telecommunications companies in Ontario, with over 120 years’ experience, Nexicom understands the importance of providing great products and services to the communities they serve. With a friendly and local staff, Nexicom offers award winning customer service and competitive pricing.

Continued communication to Lakefield will be forthcoming to inform of service availability dates. For more information about the Lakefield Fibre Optic overbuild contact Nexicom at 1(888) 639-4266, or visit their local office conveniently located in Lakefield, at 36 Bridge Street.