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President’s Notes


Mike Walker, Board President

One of the benefits of being involved with a well-established organization like the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism is being able to have a feel for the ‘pulse’ of the community. Since I joined the board in 2017, I have been provided many opportunities to witness dynamic integration and see first-hand how great organizations react to change. The businesses and organizations in this community are resilient, resourceful and innovative. It is inspiring to see these qualities on display throughout my conversations with members, and it is these experiences that fuel my willingness to serve as the next Chamber President.

Nowhere are the strengths of the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce and Tourism more evident than on the second Monday of every month, which is when our Board of Directors meet. In some organizations, board meetings can be dry, listless affairs. This is definitely not the case with our board. The discussions are lively, interesting, sometimes funny and always productive. The board, committee volunteers and staff at the Chamber continually impress me with their hard work, dedication and passion for our community.

Passion for community is what ties this group together. Our board is comprised of both men and women from all different business backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and representing many different communities within our region. The one thing that all of our board members have in common is our passion for our community and working hard to make our Chamber a one-stop-shop to ensure your business thrives.

As we head into the final year of our 2017-20 strategic plan, I look forward to wrapping up our final items and begin the process of mapping out the future. It is my goal during this year to speak to as many of our members as possible to make sure your voice is heard moving into our planning. Please feel free to reach out to me or any of our board members to discuss how you can be involved with the Chamber in a volunteer capacity on one of our committees.

I can confidently say that the Kawartha Chamber is hard at work for your business and, as a member, you can be assured that your voice is heard!

Mike Walker