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Proposed Consolidation

Between the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism and the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce

The Boards of Directors of the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce and the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism are pleased to announce they have unanimously approved the decision to pursue the consolidation of the two Chambers. Both Chambers will be seeking a vote from their members in the fall.

“As the world begins to repair itself, it’s important more than ever that we share a common voice; a common ground together,” said Jillian Harrington, President of the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Board of Directors.

“We’re very excited about this opportunity to join forces,” said Joe Grant, Board Chair of the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, adding to say this consolidation will make it easier for members to access a broader network.


There are significant advantages to a consolidated Chamber, including:

– There is power in numbers. A larger voice, combined with the joint influence and expertise of our individual members, offers the business community a stronger influence with Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments.

– Offering members access to a wider range of services. Increased exposure for members through our online directory, social media channels, marketing and advertising, sponsorship and events, new partnerships and collaborations.

Improved business fundamentals for members through quality training, reliable and relevant information, targeted programs, help in attracting and retaining employees, and adapting to new technologies.

– A much stronger financial footing through savings in back office and overhead costs, enabling more resources to be focused on member services.
While the proposed consolidation will bring these two organizations together, both offices in Peterborough and Lakefield location will remain open.

“We are very excited about the opportunities that a consolidated Chamber will present. Whether we are putting on a networking event or lobbying City or County Council, there is strength in numbers. This is one marketplace and we are committed to strengthening businesses in the entire County,” said Stuart Harrison, President & CEO of the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce.

“With the pending retirement of both senior managers in the next 18 months, this is the perfect time to consider a fresh vision for successfully delivering Chamber services. Knowing that retaining local identity will be a priority, I am confident that when I depart at year’s end, the new Peterborough & the Kawarthas Chamber of Commerce will be an accessible and effective voice for all businesses throughout the City and County,” added Sherry Boyce-Found, General Manager of the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism.

Members have been sent the video and Consolidation Proposal , and will be invited to attend a virtual information session hosted by their respective chamber, in advance of the September vote. More information will be posted/sent as it becomes available.

Watch the Video

Read the Consolidation Proposal

Read the Memorandum of Understanding

For more information on the proposed consolidation, or to join a task team, please contact:

Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism
Sherry Boyce-Found
General Manager

Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce
Stuart Harrison President and & CEO
705-748-9771 EXT 202