You can find most any service you seek right here, close to home. Our business people are your neighbours and are committed to volunteering with local charities and sponsoring community events. Be sure to thank them for their community support by making use of their services when the need arises.

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A marina, a cottage living room, a technician, and a decorated table in a dining hall
  • At ServiceOntario you can renew your driver or vehicle licence and Ontario health card or register for organ and tissue donation.
  • There are many options to assist with your building, renovating, landscaping and planting plans.
  • Buy a motorcycle, repair a car, moor a boat and much more. All are available to those seeking auto and marine services.
  • Health and wellness services are critical for your wellbeing.
  • A wide range of professional, personal and business services are on offer – financial, real estate, marketing, spa, education, funeral … and many more.
  • Everything you need to plan your unforgettable wedding, special occasion or corporate event is nearby.
  • Many community associations, agencies and organizations can benefit from a few hours of your time to provide much needed services to those in need.
  • Questions about taxes, necessary permits, parks and recreation services and more; contact your local government authority.
  • Or looking for quality education and training? From day camps to workshops to private schools; they can be found in your home community.

Something for Everyone.