This office conducts transactions related to driver and vehicle licencing, Ontario Health Cards and registering as an organ and tissue donor. The Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism operates the office on behalf of ServiceOntario. Although government employees do not staff it, we strictly follow ServiceOntario’s stringent rules and regulations. Conducting your licencing and health card business at this location supports the work of the Kawartha Chamber in your community.


133 Water Street
Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0


Phone: 705-652-3141
Fax: 705-652-0134


Monday – Friday
9:00am – Noon & 1:00pm – 4:00pm
The province is extending validation periods for driver, vehicle and carrier products and services. More details can be found here.

Services Available:

  • Health Cards
  • Organ and Tissue Donor Registration
  • Vehicle licence plates and validation stickers
  • Driver’s licence renewals
  • Replacements and reinstatements (licences, plates, validation stickers, vehicle permits)
  • Driver’s abstracts and CVORs
  • Abstracts for proof of completion of driver education course
  • Vehicle ownership transfers
  • Special trip permits
  • Change of address
  • Personal name change on vehicle ownerships
  • Personal name change on driver’s licence
  • Payment of NSFs and defaulted parking fines
  • Payment of defaulted 407 ETR tolls and administrative fees
  • Used vehicle information packages
  • Accessible parking permits

Other Vehicle Transactions Include:

  • Abstract without address
  • Accessible parking permit
  • Personalized plate orders
  • Family gift affidavits for vehicle transfers
  • Change vehicles from out of province to Ontario registration

Other Driver Transactions Include:

  • Changes to licence information
  • Abstract without address
  • Handbook sales
  • Instructor licence renewal and replacement
  • Licence downgrade (no test)
  • Reinstatement (no test)
  • Referrals
  • Surrender Licence

Other Points of Contact:

  • Licencing Assistance Office 1.800.387.3445
  • Driver Control / Suspension Office 1.800.303.4993
  • Medical Review 1.800.268.1481
  • Road Testing Booking Centre 1.888.570.6110
  • Carrier Safety and Enforcement 1.800.387.7736
  • Minister of Finance (Retail Sales Tax) 1.866.668.8297
  • Ministry of Environment (Drive Clean Program) 1.888.758.2999
  • Senior Group Education Sessions (Eastern Region) 1.800.701.217