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Choose Local! Guest Blog written by Jamie Stephenson, Owner of Style Your Nest

The holidays are when we spend time with family and loved ones, but this year most will be staying home. It is no surprise that 2020 has been a challenging year for many. Christmas is often the most special time of the year for those that celebrate. The difficulties this year has brought may make you want to go all out with your Christmas decorating, or you may prefer to keep things simpler. Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating this season!

christmas tree

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

1. Choosing your tree

The choices of trees can be overwhelming, first you must decide to choose artificial or real. There is no right or wrong as there are pros and cons to both. Should you choose to go fake, it is important to invest in a good quality tree that fits into your budget. This helps to ensure you get the best usage and years out of your tree. If you choose real you have the option to go to a tree farm to cut your own or to a store that sells them precut. With precut trees make sure you trim the end off before setting up in your home. Your tree must always be full of water in the stand to avoid drying out the tree and becoming a fire hazard.


2. Getting your tree ready

Artificial trees take more time to set up as the branches need fluffing to create a proper full tree. It is very time consuming and can be tedious, but the end result is well worth it. Real trees purchased at stores often need a day or two in your warm house to drop their branches as they are wrapped during transportation. If your house has the space for a large tree, ensure you have a base that states it can hold up the height of your tree or else you may come home to it on the floor (this may or may not have happened during my childhood).


3. Always start with lights

Always start with lights first, starting at the base of your tree, working your way through the branches up to the top. If you like a lot of lights; while wrapping up, keep your lights to the inner part of the tree closest to the trunk. Once you reach the top, come back down focusing on the outer part of the branches. This will help to give more depth and sparkle to your tree. Regardless of how many lights you add to your tree, wrap them going over and then under each branch and repeat as you go along.


4. Choosing a theme

Now it is finally time to decorate your tree! First you must choose a theme for your tree. You may prefer to keep it the same each year, or change it up and keep it on a rotation. You can also choose garlands or ribbons as they help to fill out your tree and add dimension to it. Use ribbon that has wire edges to them to help shape into loops and rolls. Remember to add after the lights, but before you start with the ornaments.
When choosing ornament sets, find ones that come all in one colour or with contrasting if you want to mix it up. Also look for ones that come in different shapes, sizes and finishing designs. Then you can then purchase individual ornaments that compliment your theme that stand out beautifully on their own.




5. How to hang ornaments

You may have heard that it’s best to group items in odd numbers, this rings true for trees as well. Start in groups of threes and choose a group that are different sizes but feel free to choose the same or contrasting colours. It all depends on the look you want to achieve. Hang bigger ornaments closer to the middle of the tree and smaller ones on the outside. We don’t use glass bulbs with young kids and pets in the house, but if you have some, it’s best to keep them up higher to avoid breakage. Leave any sentimental or your most favourites for last so they can be front and center of your tree.


6. Choosing a tree topper

The tree topper is an important piece to the tree as it helps to complete the look. We have a few we rotate through depending on our theme. It is best to make sure it not only matches the theme of your tree, but its size as well. Also take into consideration how much space you have before hitting your ceiling. The most popular toppers are stars, angels or large bows.


7. Making the final touches to your tree

Now that your tree is complete, step back and take a look at your tree, looking at it from various angles of your room. Make sure that your lights, decor and ornaments are well proportioned throughout the tree and balanced. An important piece you don’t want to forget is your tree skirt. This is another item we rotate through each year; there are so many options to choose from! Tree skirts help to cover the ugly legs on fake trees, or the base for real trees. It can also help to protect your floors and clean up needles that fall if you have a real tree. Raised tree skirts have become popular and can be found in wicker, wood or metal. You also have the option of using a Christmas tree rug under them to give more dimension. Whatever tree skirt option you go with, it will help to balance and anchor the look of your tree. Tree skirts also help the bottom your tree not look empty until presents arrive Christmas morning.



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