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EAP’s – Combatting Isolation & Uncertainty

Benefit Facts Article by Brian Bulger – May 21, 2021

We are living in a time of change and uncertainty and the results can cause significant stress for many people. Quite a number of people, myself included have not been able to keep in personal contact with family members, friends and colleagues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to causing feelings of isolation, it has affected productivity at many workplaces and has lead to countless people experiencing depression.

New school policies, a spouse’s lost income and concern for the health of loved ones all pile onto the shoulders of you and employees. Personal and work challenges blur into one mass and can result in increased absences, less productivity and reduced quality of life.


Chamber Insurance Benefits

Benefits Article by Brian Bulger – October 20, 2020

Out of Country/Province Emergency Medical Coverage During COVID-19

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

Business owners and employees with Extended Health Care (EHC) coverage and insured with the non-profit Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan are covered for Emergency Medical Services while traveling across Canada and around the globe with no restrictions including the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Eligible dependents including students, who incur charges for emergency medical treatment outside their province of residence, are also covered. An individual must be covered under their provincial government health plans to be eligible for coverage. Coverage for an insured and any dependents is based on the age of the certificate holder.


Employee Wellness – A Concern For All Business Owners

Why should a business owner be interested in wellness? People who live healthy lifestyles and are happy at home and at work, get sick less, are absent less and are the most productive at work. This saves money on temporary staffing, staff turnover and benefit plan premiums. According to a related article I recently read:
  • The Canadian Economy loses over $16.6 billion every year due to absenteeism.
  • Obese Canadian employees have 77% higher drug costs and spend 35% more on health services.
  • Mental health addictions account for two-thirds of all disability claims in Canada.

For busy business owners, implementing a wellness program can seem time-consuming and expensive. The reality is launching an effective wellness program is a proactive business decision that can directly affect your bottom line.