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Trent-Severn Trail Town Invites Local Businesses To Partner

Kawarthas Northumberland invites local businesses to be involved in Canada’s first ever waterway “Trail Town” program. This program will feature the Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site of Canada as the trail.

Similar programs elsewhere have created trail-friendly towns that successfully entice trail tourists into local business districts, generating millions of dollars in sustainable economic growth for small businesses. (more…)

4 Reasons Why You Should Explore Lakefield Trail this Fall!


1) Fall is one of the most enjoyable seasons for being outdoors

The fall seasons in Canada, especially September and October, are awesome for spending time outside. With the start of September, 30+ degree days become few and far between and the weather is crisper and cooler. With cool weather also comes changing and falling leaves (a personal fav!). Technicolour leaves are so picturesque and the sound of crunching leaves is music to the ears. So take advantage of the fall weather and go explore Lakefield Trail this fall!


2) The location cannot be beat

The Otonabee river runs right through Lakefield, making for a picturesque trail walking experience. Walking along the western side of Lakefield Trail, you’ll see the Otonabee River as well as Lake Katchewanooka.

Lakefield is home to a vibrant business sector, too. During your walk along the Lakefield Trail, you can take some time to explore Lakefield and its many great shops and restaurants. Walking the eastern side of the trail will take you through this part of town! If you are a history buff,  stop at the Christ Church Museum (marked on the map below). You will find signs and plaques throughout your walk that will provide you with some history of Lakefield, too.

There are also great events happening in the village from time to time. For instance, until October 4th, the Lakefield Farmers’ Market will be on every Thursday from 9AM-2PM at the Lakefield-Smith Community Centre. Why not stop by during or after your walk along the trail and meet some local vendors and artisans! Check out our events page for a list of upcoming events in the area.

Image Source: Selwyn Township

3) It is an awesome form of exercise

The Lakefield Trail is 5.5 KM long so taking a walk along the trail is a great way to get some exercise. You can choose how much exercise you want to do; whether you choose to walk, cycle, run or jog is completely up to you. Any form of exercise is great! Getting active is not only great for your physical health but also your mental health.

Lakefield Trail also connects with the Peterborough County Rotary Trail, which then connects to the Trans Canada Trail. So, if you are up for more exercise after walking the Lakefield Trail, the option to continue on is there!

4) It will give you a much needed break from technology

Taking a walk along the Lakefield Trail allows you to disconnect from the internet for a bit, which is important to do in today’s digital age, where we are constantly using our phones, tablets, TVs and computers. On average, Canadians spend 24.5 hours online per week, with those 18-34 years old spending up to 34 hours per week (nearly 5 hours per day!). So why not disconnect for an hour or two to explore Lakefield Trail and see what Lakefield has to offer!